Nature and Function of Secretarial Services

Secretarial services can encompass many different functions in the business world. The nature of the services may be unique to the business it is provided to. There are some common aspects to secretarual/administrative work. Some of these are computer and software use, office equipment use, receptionist work, typing and transcription, and general office duties.

Computer and software use is a big part of secretarial work today and different from generations past. Business communication, letters, and memos are all typed by secretaries. Transcription is done as well by nddçdxxx me p puttratuve workers. This is when you listen to recorded material and type it. Dictation is done as well, which is when someone tells you something and you write it.

An important part of secretarial work can be doing reception work- answering phones, transferring calls, and taking messages. This can also be done as a separate position of receptionist. It is important to have someone answering phones at a business. And a live person is an asset as it is much nicer to speak to a real person than to have to navigate a menu sometimes.

Another function of administrative work is operation of office equipment. Printers, copiers, collaters, transcription machine, and fax machine are basic equipment. Many times secretaries are asked to use these things.

General office help is also done by secretaries. This can include a number of things. Setting up meetings, ordering lunch for an office, greeting clients, ordering supplies and stocking items, and filing are examples of those activities.

The function of secretarial services can be diverse but are a big help in running a business. Secretaries perform very needed functions that he’ll customers and other workers. Although some of their work is not high-profile, they really help a business. And they can work very hard to provide those functions.